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How To Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant

If you’re a teen and have just discovered you’re pregnant, you might feel scared, confused, or shocked. You might think, “This can’t really be happening,” and wonder, “how to tell my parents I’m pregnant?!” No matter how close you are to your parents, you probably aren’t sure how they’ll react.

It may be hard to talk to your parents about your pregnancy, especially if you’re not sure how you feel about it yet. Remember, your pregnancy could be a shock to them. They may also be surprised to learn you’re sexually active.

Most likely, your parents want to be there for you, to support you the best way they can! So show them you’re taking this seriously and making healthy, responsible decisions at this time.

This blog about how to tell my parents I’m pregnant is for you whether you just found out you’re pregnant or you’ve suspected it for a while. We want you to know:

  • You are not alone; help is available.
  • You have options, including parenting and adoption.
  • You can have an informed, mature conversation with your parents.
  • You can make a healthy plan for yourself and your baby.

Here are some tips to have an open and honest conversation with your parents — and figure out what to do next.

How to Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant – Where Do I Start?

1. Know the Facts and Options
Before you talk with your parents:

  • Figure out how far along you are or your estimated due date. (Come see us for that.)
  • Learn the truth about your pregnancy options.
  • Come prepared with facts, not guesses.

2. Think About Your Plan

No one, not even a parent, can force you to make a choice about your pregnancy. You’re the mother of your baby; you have rights and will make the decisions. Be honest with yourself so you can focus on what you want for yourself and your baby’s future.

Decide how you feel about bringing another life into the world. Once you know where you stand, it will be easier to communicate those feelings and choices with your loved ones. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How much will my parents help with my baby? Can I live at home? Will they help out financially?
  • What are my childcare options?
  • Will my boyfriend be involved?
  • Would my parents support me if I chose an option like modern adoption? Would they want to be involved?
  • How do I feel about putting my education on hold to care for my baby?

You have time to decide what you want to do, and you can learn about your options without obligation. Talk with a professional for answers.

3. Pick The Right Time, and Have the Conversation

The time you tell family members can significantly affect their response, whether they are in a stressed environment, tired, etc.  While the environment will never be perfect, try your best to tell your family about your pregnancy on a day they’re rested and relaxed. Pick a day they have off and have time to respond and process it. If needed, bring a trusted friend or adult for extra support. As you begin, ask your parents to hear you out before they say anything.  Share the plan you’ve made for your baby or ask them to help you make a plan.

Offer to talk about it again soon, especially if they need to process what you’ve told them. Remember, all parents have dreams for their children. Just because an unplanned pregnancy wasn’t part of their hopes for you doesn’t mean they won’t be there for you.

The Final Decision Is Yours

You can’t control how others react, but you can control how you respond. Listen to their reactions as best as possible, and do your best not to react immediately. Ultimately, the pregnancy decision is yours to make. 

We Can Help

Our compassionate and caring staff are here to help discuss your pregnancy and options with you if needed, with no judgment or pressure.

Our pregnancy services are free and confidential if you still need to confirm your pregnancy. An ultrasound goes one step further to confirm your pregnancy, verifying how far along you are and alerting you to a potential ectopic complication.

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to find clarity and support.

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